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Speaking the Word Freely
Writing with purpose, preaching with power
By Jerome F. Larson
ISBN 978-1-934690-43-7
Religion, Christianity
Tasora Books · February 2011
6 x 9 · Paperback · 152 pp · New!
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Speaking the Word Freely introduces a system for extemporaneous preaching called Process Preaching. Process Preaching is a simple system for delivering sermons freely without reading a manuscript or speaking off the cuff. The system emphasizes the importance of first creating the sermon by writing a full manuscript. Without reading or memorizing the manuscript, pastors learn to speak freely what they have written through a specific kind of oral rehearsal. Process Preaching enables a pastor to use oral language to express the thoughts and ideas of a written text.
Accompanying the book is a DVD in which Pastor Larson demonstrates how the oral rehearsals are done. In the course of 60 to 90 minutes of oral rehearsal, a four-page manuscript can be converted into a 20 minute extemporaneous sermon.
Although the book focuses on the delivery of sermons, its principles can be applied to other kinds of public speaking as well. The Process Preaching system can be used wherever the extemporaneous delivery of a speech is desired.

Pastor Jerome Larson is a retired Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Pastor Larson completed his Doctor of Ministry degree in Preaching at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN in 1997. For the past 8 years he has taught this system of extemporaneous preaching to over 300 pastors in the continuing education program at Luther Seminary in St. Paul MN.

This is my book on the subject of Process Preaching.The book is no longer available from Itasca books but may be ordered from me directly by calling me at 763- 389-1049 or e-mailing me your order at